Air Quality Testing in Montreal

Air Quality Testing in Montreal

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Air Quality Testing in Montreal

At the time of the "air-quality testing in Montreal", we will determine the cause or source of the mold growth, take samples from suspected areas, and offer suggestions on how to eliminate the mold. We will call you with the results of the air-quality test and provide you with a detailed explanation of the measures that should be taken based on these results. You will also receive an e-mail copy of the results for your own records. If mold remediation is necessary, we will schedule a date as soon as possible. At this time, we also encourage you to ask questions or address any concerns that you may have.

Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors which includes time spent at work, school, or home. Relative to the outdoor environment, indoor air quality (IAQ) is more important to people in regards to how it affects their health and comfort.

Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. Immediate effects may show up after a single exposure or repeated exposures. These include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Such immediate effects are usually short-term and treatable. Symptoms of some diseases, including asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and humidifier fever, may also show up soon after exposure to some indoor air pollutants.

Other health effects may show up either years after exposure has occurred or only after long or repeated periods of exposure. These effects, which include some respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer, can be severely debilitating or fatal.

It is crucial to try to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if symptoms are not noticeable.

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Client Reviews

All our services are of the highest quality.

"When you guys removed the tiles and the bathtub in my bathroom, I could not believe the damage caused by the water leak. No wonder I had poor air quality, odors, and asthma in my house. Your company Mold Busters did an excellent job. When your crew left my house, I could not even tell there was construction in my house. Very clean job. Thanks for the quick response"
- Keva Moni

"Teflex is much more helpful against mold and bacteria than anything else I've ever tried. I feel affection for this product! Personally, both my family and I have asthma, so we are very sensitive to mold, dust and odors. Most general cleansers (which contain poisons like bleach and ammonium) also make our family pretty ill. When my roof leaked in the winter, I discovered moldy attic beams and wet insulation under the kitchen ceiling. My allergies were in an uproar as I ripped it all out. I was completely impressed with how Teflex removed and protected the surfaces against the visible mold, stains and odors, even after just the first application. The spray saturated the remaining insulation and reached areas under neighboring beams without my having to rip out more ceiling plaster. This reduced my repair costs drastically. At the same time, I sprayed Teflex into the duct system. What impresses me most is how quickly the odors and my allergy symptoms improved. The spray itself caused no irritation´┐Żeven without gloves or a mask during repeated applications. Teflex is so much more effective than anything else I've ever tried before. This stuff is just amazing."
- Lenny Salamander

"I am completely thankful to the Mold Busters service. I live in Eastern Quebec, in an old house. There was black mold around the sinks and counters from bad renovations by the previous owner, who did not disclose the mold problem to me completely. I lived there for five years, and this past summer, I noticed health problems that I could not explain. I was fatigued; I slept badly, and I was nauseous. Finally, my husband had to take me to the hospital because I could not breathe. They said I probably had adult onset asthma. I could not go back into my home, as it made me feel like I was suffocating. I was living with my mother and did not know what I could do. After a month, I was feeling better, did not the puffers, and I could jog around. But I still had no home of my own. I found Mold Busters on the Internet; we ordered a service from their website, and Mold Busters fogged the house completely. At first, when the Teflex solution was applied, I was scared to go in, but when I did, I had none of the previous reactions. The mold was gone. I am so completely grateful to Teflex and Mold Busters. I truly believe that the service has saved my life. I am back in my house, and confident in my health. I sincerely recommend it to everyone. I would recommend Mold Busters service to everyone."
- Anny Cloggier

The Mold Busters service has improved my respiratory health. "I suffer from adult onset asthma and inviting Mold Busters in my home has proven beneficial to my respiratory health. My breathing is affected by fumes released by harsh chemicals in everyday cleaning products. The Teflex solution left no residual odors. I like it because it is non-toxic and safe to use around my children and pets. Not only does it get rid of mold spores and prevent them from coming back, it also neutralizes the musty, overpowering odor produced by mold and has long-lasting protection."
- Myra Williams

"My sensitivity to bleach and other poisons led me to call Mold Busters. This service is incredible! Our story is long and sad, but it is enough to say that we lost our new home of 5 years to black toxic mold. We have had to live in hotels and rentals, and are now waiting to build our own home. Family members were getting sick because of their sensitivity to the bleach in regular cleaning products, so we tried the Mold Busters service. That was just fantastic! We live in our lovely house without any health problems!"
- Paul Ibatson

Within 2 hours the musty stink was gone and has not returned since. "I manage a large apartment complex. Recently I noticed that a large number of apartments smelled like mold. It turned out that 2 out of every 5 apartments had serious problems with mold. We tried all kinds of different cleaning products and bleaches available on the market at that time, but the mold problems continued to persist and grow. Apartments with mold were not possible to rent out. I searched the Internet for a service that could help me with this problem and found Mold Busters. I was happy at how easy it was to communicate with the Mold Busters team, and the results were fantastic. I had four apartments that were vacant and Mold Busters fogged two apartments to begin. It took about two hours in each apartment. Within four hours, the smell was gone and has not returned since. I have never had any success with any other product/service until now."
- Joel Fox

The Teflex Products and Mold Busters helped us to reduce the likelihood of employee illness. As the manager of three apartment complexes, I am always looking for products that will improve efficiency and save money. One of our continuous problems is the removal of mold in our buildings. We have tried many products and services for the fungi/mold problems and none has compared to the Mold Busters service. Other products are corrosive, dangerous, not ecology friendly and contain bleach. Such products can result in injuries to the skin and especially to the eyes of workers. They have a strong odor and the fumes are dangerous. They can discolor furniture, clothes and carpets in particular. Most of these products also warn that they may damage paint. We also have to worry about child exposure to these products. With the "Teflex solution", we have none of the problems associated with the other products. We feel that the Mold Busters service reduces our potential for employee injuries, compensation claims, and lawsuits. We have not experienced a single adverse situation with Mold Busters. I truly believe that we have found the best solution for our business. Teflex is a fantastic product and I strongly recommend it for the "removal and prevention" of mold."
- Anna Purdy

Over 100 floors treated with Teflex and not a single mold problem has returned. "With heavy snow and rain in Ottawa, ON, home builders in the area need to take great care to ensure that the moisture encountered during the construction phase does not lead to mold growth during the building process. This is particularly true for the suspended structural floor systems installed in basements. Since this work (commonly referred to as "drying in the house") is done prior to the completion of roofing and siding, water travels through the floor system and is trapped beneath the floor. Even with a proper vapour barrier and ventilation system under the floor, conditions are ripe for the appearance of organic growth on all exposed wood members. All the necessary elements for mold growth are present: temperature, food source, lack of ventilation and humidity. Despite the best precautions, mold incidence runs at about 30%. Ever since we started using the Mold Busters service to pre-treat our flooring materials before installation, we have decreased the incidence of mold to nearly 0%. With over 100 floors installed, we have never been called back because of a mold problem on floor systems that included a pre-treatment with Teflex solution." "Not only has Teflex been one of the keys to the success of our business, but it has also helped produce healthy, mold-free homes for our builder-clients."
- Mikhail Dove

Water-soluble, alcohol-free polymer. "Teflex stops mold, bacteria and viruses and prevents them from coming back. Teflex is formulated as a water-soluble, alcohol-free polymer so it is non-toxic for humans and safe for the environment. It is a brand new product and I've used it to kill both the smell and to prevent the reappearance of bacteria in our basement. It rocks."
- Maggie H.

It's great to use your service. "It's great to use your service and to know that you'll be providing a complete service including the restoration work. I was very impressed with your honesty, reliability, and work."
- Juan Finers